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A female hot buns parody from 1965 called 'Left At Home'.
1960's Stoogettes
Connie Francis
Connie Francis beauty by slr1238

Annette Funicello
Annette determined by slr1238

Suzanne Pleshette
Suzanne 'purple' by slr1238

Pat Crowley as Pat the Receptionist
Pat Crowley 1962 by slr1238
Jim Backus as Mr.Jim Nolan
Jim Backus by slr1238

Felicia Farr as Mrs. Felicia Nolan
Felicia Farr beautiful by slr1238

and Billy Mumy as Billy Nolan
Billy Mumy child actor 1965 by slr1238

Distributed by MGM pictures
Produced by Joe Pasternak
Directed by Henry Levin

The opening scene-
We see a town and then a street sign called Comeuppance Dr. and then a large house with a yard behind a four foot tall wooden fence.Then the camera zooms inside the house where we see Mr.Jim Nolan,his wife Felicia and their 11 year old son Billy.

''Son'', replies Jim,''Right now it 9 am.At 2 o'clock your Mother and i are going across town for a few hours''.''Ok,Dad'', replies Billy as he leaves the room,''I have some new inventions i'm working on to keep me busy''.

''Our boy and his gadgets'', replies Felicia,an attractive woman.She is wearing a
white top and a tight dark skirt that appreciates her butt as she sits on the living room chair.

'SNAP' ''OWW!'' ''Jim'', howls Felicia,grimacing,''Something bit me!'' Felicia stands up and turns around,jiggling her huge butt with a large mousetrap stuck firmly to the seat of her skirt as Jim is startled.

''Lean over the arm of the chair,dear'', replies Jim,''So I can pull that trap out!''

Felicia leans over the arm of the chair with her bottom upturned as Jim pulls with all of his might and the trap comes off.

'FRUMP' ''OUCH!'' howls Felicia as she rubs her backside with both hands,grimacing,as Billy comes into the room.

''Mom,Dad,is everything ok?'' asks Billy as he sees his Dad holding the large mousetrap.

''You didn't catch a small mouse,did you Dad?'' ''No,Billy'', answers his Father jokingly,''We caught something much larger''.''Very funny'', replies Felicia,still rubbing her bottom with both hands.

''Billy'', replies his Dad,''You have to stop leaving your gadgets around the house.Take them to your room''.''Ok,Dad'',nods Billy as the camera now switches outside the house to a van parked right across the street.

We then see inside the van-Connie,Annette and Suzanne listening on a tape that Suzanne has just turned off.''Did you girls hear that?'' replies Connie,''At 2 pm we can go to work here''.''Yeah'', replies Suzanne, ''They have some valuable antiques.As long as we stay away from that kid and his gadgets''.''Let's eat first'', replies Annette,''I'm hungry''.

The girls then leave the van,which is parked right outside of their apartment and go inside.

The girls look very nice.All three of them are wearing tight blue jeans that appreciate their butts as they walk into their apartment.

Suzanne is about to turn on the light as Connie replies ,''Suzanne,save on electric.We'll light a candle''.Connie sees a candle on the dining room table and replies to Annette,''Light that candle''.

''I'm too weak from hunger'', replies an over-acting Annette.''Do it'', replies a mean looking Connie in Annette's face.

''Annette quickly light the candle as Connie leans forward to set the table with her huge butt upturned in her tight blue jeans.''You see,Suzanne'', replies Connie,lecturing with her hands as Annette holds the candle very close to the seat of Connie's jeans,''A candle not only saves on electric,it makes the place warmer''.

The candle then starts to burn the center of the seat of Connie's jeans ever so slightly 'SSSS' as Annette,holding the candle,replies ''I'm so hungry i can already smell grilled hamburger''.Just then the candle starts to burn Connie's butt louder 'SSSSS' ''OWWW!'' howls Connie as she jumps up and rubs her butt,putting the fire out.''Ooh!'', reploies a grimacing Connie to Annette,rubbing the seat of her pants with both hands,''You burn me up''.The scene fades.

The next scene the girls are eating dinner as Annette takes a bite. ''Ow'',replies Annette in much pain,''My tooth'' 'ooh!''

Connie and Suzanne are very much concerned about Annette as they come over to her.''My poor little tooth'', replies Annette.''Well'',replies Connie,''I guess we have time to take yiu to the dentist and get it pulled''.''Oh,no'', rpelies Annette,clutching he jaw,''Not that!''.

''I have an idea'', replies Connie to Annette,''We can try to pull your tooth''.''Ok'', replies Annette,But be gentle''.''You know i'm always gentle'', replies Connie as Annette just looks bewildered.

Just then Suzanne moves a chair and puts it down right on Connie's left foot 'CRUSH' ''OW'' yells Connie,''My toes!'' ''I'm sorry,Connie'', says an apologetic Suzanne.''It's ok'', replies a sarcastic Connie,putting Suzanne at ease.''Say Suzanne'', replies Connie,'Isn't your shoe untied''. ''It is?'' asks Suzanne,falling for Connie's statement and leaning forward as Connie sees Suzanne's huge butt sticking out and 'PTAF!' ''OW!'' yells Suzanne as she rubs her butt with her right hand.The scene fades.

The next scene the girls are in their bedroom.The girls look really cute.Connie is wearing striped pants that are a little baggy and Annette and Suzanne are wearing blue jeans as Connie says to Annette,''We tried pulling your tooth,but we couldn't''.

Suddenly Suzanne pulls Connie aside and replies ''I have an idea.Let's blast.I have a large firecracker in the closet left over from the 4th of July''. ''Ok'', replies a beaming Connie to Suzanne,''You have an ounce of brain''.''Yeah'', asks Suzanne,''Where did I get it?''. ''Go on'', replies a frustrated Connie as she turns to Annette.

''Where's she going now?'' asks a very worried Annette.''Don't worry,Annette'', replies Connie smugly,''We're finally going to get your tooth out''. ''Oh boy'', replies a smiling Annette,''I can hardly wait!'' ''It will be over in a flash!'', replies Connie mischeviously as Suzanne returns with the firecracker. 

Connie shields the firecracker that Suzanne is holding from Annette's view.''Annette'',replies Connie with a grin,''Close your eyes and open your mouth''.
Annette listens as Connie places the firecracker in Annette's mouth and lights it.

Then Connie and Suzanne quickly go to the end of the room and turn around,holding their ears.

The firecracker in Annette's mouth starts to sizzle as Annette opens her eyes and says ''Yipe' and throws the firecracker and it lands right into the back pocket of Connie's slightly baggy pants.
Connie 'firecracker' by slr1238

Annette notices the firecracker and replies,''Connie!'' ''Quiet!'' replies Connie.Then we see a worried looking Annette and hear a very loud  'BOOM' and then we see the whole seat of Connie's pants explode with much white smoke emanating from her butt.

''OW!'' ''OW!'' ''OW!'' howls Connie,looking back and jiggling her smoked butt as her pants are sizzling with white smoke.Then Connie sits down and does a butt crawl clear across the room,grimacing and howling ''OW!'''OW!'' ''OW!'' ''OW!'' as Annette and Suzanne can only watch as the scene fades. 

The next scene the girls are entering a dentist office dressed in dark skirts as they hear the voice of a male patient from behind the door yell.Annette gets wide-eyed and slowly tries to leave but Connie grabs her by the seat of her skirt with both hands and pulls her back as other people waiting in the room start snickering at the girls' Stoogette moment.

Then one by one the other patients are called into the rooms and the girls are the only ones left as Annette is now called into a room.

Connie and Suzanne are seated as Suzanne replies ''I'm bored''.Then Suzanne stands up and goes to a stand with a huge pair of false teeth on a shelf and puts her finger close and the teeth bite her finger ''CRUNCH' ''Ouch'' yells Suzanne as Connie is now standing by her ''Those false teeth bit me'', replies Suzanne as Connie bravely picks them up and laughs and replies,''You're crazy''.

Just then the Receptionist at the desk named Pat as she stands up to file something,replies to the girls,''Can you girls be careful with those?''
Pat is wearing a light black top tight black skirt that appreciates her butt and cute light black high heels.

Connie is still holding the  the false teeth as Suzanne is still afraid of them as Connie replies softly ''Don't worry,i'll get rid of them''.Connie tosses the teeth away only to land right on Pat's chair.Connie and Suzanne look at each other as Pat is about to sit down on the chair.
Pat Crowley beauty by slr1238
'CRUNCH' ''OWWW!'' howls Pat,grimacing as her eyes widen and her lips form a perfect o,''A piranha's got me!'' Pat turns around and sticks out her jiggling huge butt with the false teeth firmly attached to the seat of her skirt.Connie pulls the teeth out 'Shrump' as Pat grimaces and rubs her butt with her left hand as the scene fades. 

The next scene the,Annette finally relieved of her toothache,the girls are seated in their parked van as Mr. and Mrs. Nolan leave.
The girls get out of their van and walk across the street toward the Nolan residence.''It's 2 o'clock'', replies Connie.''I don't know about your idea,Connie.It's the middle of the day.''Yeah Connie'', replies Annette,''Your plans have backfired on us too many times''.''Will you two relax'', replies Connie,''It's the time of the day when no one will suspect anything!''

Connie,Annette and Suzanne look cute wearing tight blue jeans that appreciate their butts as they come to the fence.

''Look'', replies Suzanne,''The fence boards are loose.We can crawl right thru.Suzanne crawls thru with her huge butt upturned and stops,frustrating Connie as she can't see anything except a close-up of Suzanne's butt.Suzanne finally crawls into the yard as Connie stops.

Annette,thinking Connie is stuck,replies ''Connie,i'll help you get thru''.Annette then pushes the fence board forward and whacks the seat of Connie's blue jeans 'WHACK' ''OWWW!'' yells Connie as the board paddles Connie's butt so hard Billy hears the whack clear across the yard into the house. 

''Connie'', replies Annette laughing,''You can thank me for getting you thru the fence''.Connie is rubbing the seat of her jeans with both hands and grimacing as Annette walks ahead of her.Just then 'Ptaf! '''Ow!'' yells Annette after Connie has kicked her in the butt and Annette is now rubbing the seat of her jeans with her left hand as Billy looks out the window and sees 3 Stoogetttes and says to himself with a grin,''This is going to be fun!''

Just then Billy comes around the corner of the porch pushing a gadget about four feet high,almost as tall as he is,with three slingshots.

''You three ladies'',yells Billy to the girls,''I'm warning you.Get off of my property''.

''Ok'', says a mischevious looking Connie,'We'll leave''.

The girls turn around and start to leave as Billy says ''And don't come back'' as he can't help but use the slingshots and shoot small pebbles at the girl's derrieres from left to right-Suzanne,Connie and Annette.

The pebbles start to shoot the girls in the butt at a rapid pace.'PTUM' 'PTUM' 'PTUM' ''OW!'' ''OW!'' ''OW!'' howl the girls as the pebbles are whacking the seat of their pants very hard and stinging their butts very much.

''OW!'' ''OW!'' ''OW!'' howl the girls as they grab their butts with both hands while running across the yard and as they crawl under the fence with their huge butts upturned Billy gives them the works as he shoots dozens of pebbles that connect perfectly with the targets,'helping' the girls get thru the fence.
''OW!'' ''OW!'' ''OW!'' yell the girls as the scene fades with their butts from left to right-Suzanne,Connie and Annette,still upturned and receiving pebbles!

The next scene the girls go to the side of the house and encounter a metal fence.
The girls are still wearing their tight blue jeans that appreciate their butts as Annette folds her arms and says ''How are we going to get thru a metal fence?'' 

''Don't you know anything?'', replies Connie,''All we have to do is weld''.
''Yeah!'',replies Suzanne,looking at Annette.''Quiet'',replies Connie to Suzanne,''You're no Miss Einstein yourself.Go get the acetelyne torch''.Suzanne leaves and quickly comes back with the torch as an excited Suzanne asks ''Can I weld?''

''I'll do the welding'',replies Connie firmly.''All I wanted to do was help'', replies Annette,feeling sorry for herself.

''I will try to find the perfect soft spot to weld'', replies Connie as Suzanne turns on the acetelyne torch. 'WHOOSH' 'WHOOSH'

Connie is looking for a spot to weld as she has her huge butt upturned in her tight blue jeans  and replies,''Suzanne,hand me the acetelyne torch''.Just then a bee comes behind Annette and stings the center of her butt 'BZZZ' ''OWW!'' yells Annette as her momentum causes her to bump into Suzanne and she accidentally turns the acetelyne torch at full blast and burns the seat of Connie's pants 'WHOOSH!' ''YOWW!'' howls Connie,who luckily whacks her butt quickly to put the fire out.

Connie is rubbing her butt with both hands as Suzanne quickly welds the metal fence as the camera zooms behind Connie with her hands still frantically rubbing her butt.Then the scene fades.

The next scene the girls make it to the porch and they don't notice Billy peeking out the window.''I'm tired'', replies Connie as she sits on a chair.''Me too'',replies Suzanne,sitting on the second chair ''Me three'',replies Annette,sitting in the 3rd chair.

All of a sudden Billy pulls out a small gadget and turns it to a temperature of 100 degrees and then we see a little bit of white smoke emanating form the girls' butts.
''How cute'',replies Annette,sniffing,''The little boy must be roasting a ham'' as the girls start sweating.

Then we see Billy looking mischevious as he turns the dial all the way up to 450 degrees!

Then we see the girls really start to sweat and then we hear a loud sizzling sound 'SSSSS' as the girls eyes get wide and ''OWWW!'' ''OWWW!'' ''OWWW!'' as the girls run with the seat of their pants having been electrocuted.

'SSSSS' 'SSSSS' 'SSSSS' 'WOOHOOHOO!'' ''WOOHOOHOO!'' ''WOOHOOHOO!'' The girls are running thru the yard and thru the fence toward their van,jiggling their butts with the seat of their pants filled with much smoke emanating from them.The scene fades

The 'RED HOT' final scene-
The girls are in their huge van,putting on make-up,lipstick,nail polish and are making themselves to look very elegant.

''Connie'', replies Suzanne,''There is getting to be a crowd of people out on the street.I don't know if we should do this''.''Yeah'', replies Annette.''Don't worry'', replies Connie as she applies her cute baby pink lipstick.

''Ready,girls?'', replies Connie as the girls step out of the van.

The girls look so beautiful and elegant-
Connie is wearing a teal hat,baby pink lipstick,light pink earrings,a blue pearl necklace,a blue top with yellow designs,a tight teal skirt that appreciates her butt and dark blue high heels.
Annette is wearing a light purple hat,light red lipstick,light blue earrings,a light pink pearl necklace,an orange top with white designs,a light green skirt that appreciates her butt and dark green high heels.
Suzanne is wearing a light black hat,red lipstick,silver earrings,a white pearl necklace,a purple top,a purple skirt that appreciates her butt and white high heels. 

The girls are walking across the street as many of the guys in town are in awe of their beauty.The girls are now on the sidewalk walking so cute in their high heels as the camera zooms in on each of their wiggling derrieres.Then they open the gate to the house and walk up to the porch and ring the doorbell.

Billy comes to the door and asks ''What do you ladies want?'',pretending he doesn't know who they are.

''We are three French ladies'', replies Connie in a great French accent,moving her hands and putting on a great performance,''And we are here to inspect zee house!''

''Ok'', replies Billy,trying very hard to keep a straight face,''Come in''.

The girls walk thru the living room and as they come to the dining room a mischevious Billy replies,''Meet my three German friends!''

All of a sudden the girls see three huge mean looking German Shepherd dogs.

The girls stop in their tracks as Billy replies 'Fix them good,fellas''.Then Connie quickly replies ''Let's run!''

The girls start to run thru the living room,Annette on the left,Connie in the middle and Suzanne on the right as the dogs catch up to them and 'CHOMP' 'CHOMP' 'CHOMP' 'OW!!'' ''OW!'' ''OW!'' the dogs chomp the seat of their tight skirts completely off as they run out of the house and across the yard and try to crawl thru the fence,but they get stuck with their huge butts upturned covered only by sexy full cut panties that appreciate their butts.

Annette on the left is wearing sexy tight full cut light green panties.
Connie in the middle is wearing sexy tight full cut light pink panties.
Suzanne on the right is wearing sexy tight full cut light purple panties.

Billy then comes over with a huge gadget and presses a button and three huge branding irons in the shape of red hot horseshoes firmly brand each girl's huge butt simultaneously,setting the seat of their panties on fire!.


''EEYOWW!'' ''EEYOWW!'' ''EEYOWW!'' howls the girls as the camera switches to their grimacing faces with wide eyes.

Then the camera switches back to their huge upturned panty clad butts which now look like this-
Annette is jiggling her butt covered by light green panties with a huge steaming red hot horseshoe brand.
Connie is jiggling her butt covered by light pink panties with a huge steaming red hot horseshoe brand.
Suzanne is jiggling her butt covered by light purple panties with a huge steaming red hot horseshoe brand.

The girls are pulled thru the fence by three policemen who start to escort them with Annette on the left,Connie in the middle and Suzanne on the right,still looking beautiful and elegant while receiving their very well deserved comeuppance.

''Young ladies'',replies one of the officers,''Off to jail you go''. A huge crowd has gathered,including Mr. and Mrs. Nolan with Billy,laughing and pointing at the girls,adding to their predicament.

The girls are still howling ''WOO HOO HOO'' as we see their cute expressions and wide eyes.Then the camera zooms in on their jiggling butts,showing the horshoe brand getting redder and hotter 'SSSSS' as 'THE END' comes across their flaming panty clad derrieres!


United States

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