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A female hot buns parody of the 1963 film 'Follow The Boys' starring Connie Francis as Connie,Paula Prentiss as Paula,Dany Robin as Dany and Janis Paige as Janis.

Connie Francis and Janis Paige by slr1238
       CONNIE                    JANIS
The opening scene-We hear Connie singing the beautiful title song 'Follow The Boys' as we see navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

Next,as Connie's voice on the soundtrack song is ending we see an Air France plane landing and about a dozen attractive young women get off of the plane and board a bus.

Then we see seagulls flying over the sea as we hear a male announcer's voice saying ''These birds are seagulls.There are also seagulls known as young female wives and girlfriends who follow the men of the navy wherever they go''.  

Next we see Connie get off of the bus near the Mediterranean shore.It is a summer day in July and the scenery is beautiful.Connie also looks absolutely
beautiful,wearing a dark blue top,a white pearl necklace,cute blue high heel shoes and a tight navy blue skirt that appreciates her her very well rounded bottom.

As Connie is walking toward the information center,two French men whistle and wink at her and as they watch her walk by,the camera zooms in on her wiggling derriere in her tight skirt.

Connie gives them a smug look and says to herself ,''Billy,where are you?'' as she approaches the info center.Connie then asks the navy officer at the center ''When do the boats come in? My name is Connie Pulaski and my husband is Billy Pulaski''.

''I'm sorry,young lady'', answers the navy officer,''Mr.Pulaski and the rest of the crew relocated to the Atlantic coast of Spain''.

''Ooh'', says a sad looking Connie,I came all the way from South Dakota to see my Billy and now this.A woman next to Connie says to her ''It's only about five hundred miles to the coast of Spain.My husband is on that ship,too''.

Connie just looks at her as she holds her hand out to Connie and introduces herself. ''My name is Janis and we can travel there in one day if we can buy a car''.

A smiling Connie shakes her hand and replies ''That would be great! But where do we find a car?'' 

Janis has blonde hair and also looks beautiful,wearing a yellow top,a light yellow hat with blue stripes and a tight yellow skirt.The two women start walking as they see and hear a beautiful blonde woman with a French accent on a phone saying ''I have to go all the way to the coast of Spain to see my boyfiend on that Navy ship''.

Connie and Janis look at her as Janis says ''Will you join us on that trip to the Atlantic coast of Spain?'' ''Sure'', she answers.''My name is Dany''.

Dany also looks beautiful in a white top,a silver pearl necklace and a tight light blue skirt.

''What about transportation?'' asks Dany.''Look!'' answers Janis,pointing.The camera shows a pink volkswagon for sale.The three girls rush over to the owner of the car as Dany talks to him in French.The man has two small boys with him,his 10 year old and 8 year old sons.

''It costs one hundred francs'',replies Dany.The three women put their money together.''We can only afford eighty francs'' says Janis.The owner suddenly understands English as he shakes his head no.

All of a sudden Connie looks in the distance and says ''Let's ask her!''

The camera switches to a beautiful tall brunette woman dressed up in a light green top,a silver pearl necklace and a tight grey skirt approaching them.She looks very tired and is obviously very rich.

''Would you like to travel to the coast of Spain with us?'' asks Janis.''Oh boy,i sure would'', answers the woman.''My name is Paula and my boyfriend relocated to the navy ship there''.

''What a small world'' replies Janis,''That makes four of us who have a husband or a boyfriend on that ship''.

''How do we get there?'' asks Paula.The other three girls look at the little pink car.Paula looks at the car and says ''In this?''

''Will you help us buy it?'' asks a pleading Connie.''Oh,all right'',Answers Paula,''Keep your money,girls.Here's a hundred francs'', she says as she gives the owner his money.

''My Billy is totally against this whole seagull routine,'' says Connie,''He says he got called back to the ship because of some 'Top Secret Weapon' the Navy was working on.''My husband said the exact same thing to me'', replies Janis.''Me too'', says Dany.''Me four'', says a sarcastic Paula,''I wonder if the top secret thing means other women.''.The other three girls nod in agreement.

''Well,'' says Paula,''I brought my new camera along to take photos of any 'you might say' 'Kodak Moments'.''Good'', says an excited Connie,''You are going to take pictures for 'Posterior '.''That's posterity', corrects Janis.A dumbfounded Connie just looks at Janis.

''Oh,boy'' says an excited Dany,''Let me see what the car feels like'' as she sits in the front passenger seat.

As soon as Dany sits on the seat she jumps up and yells in her cute French accent ''AIEEE!'' ''HOT'' as her eyes widen.

The other three women grin as Janis says ''It's a hot day.It has to be 90 degrees''.Dany replies while rubbing her butt with her right hand ''I think it's a hundred and fifty degrees back there'' as she looks at her own behind.

The owner of the car and his two small sons look sad as they are by the trunk of the car as Connie stands near them and starts bragging about their new car.''Did you ever see such a hot rod as this?'' asks Connie as she opens the trunk.

Connie looks inside the trunk and says to the former owner and his two sons with a hand gesture and a smug look on her face ''Take your things''.The father walks a few feet away and waits for his sons.

Then Connie says to the two boys as she pushes them away and gives them a few coins ''Go buy yourself some candy''and then says to herself ''I wonder if there is anything else here?'' as she bends over with her upturned butt high in the air in her tight navy blue skirt.

As the two boys finish taking their things from the trunk,the older boy looks at Connie's huge butt and widens his hands.Then suddenly the smaller boy picks up a large two prong fork and with a mean look,pokes Connie's huge butt with it.

'BOING' ''OWTCH!'' yells Connie as she stands up,clutching her butt.''You little monsters'', says Connie as the boys run away as she rubs her butt with both hands.

The boys and their father are at a souvenir stand about twenty feet from Connie as she again bends over to look in the trunk of the car.

Then the older boy,seeing Connie's huge butt from a distance,gives the man at the counter the coins he got from Connie to buy a bow and arrow.The man saw what happened and gives a nod,also supplying the father,the young boy and himself with a bow and arrow and as all four of them aim their arrows we see a close-up of Connie's butt and hear

 'SWOOP' 'SWOOP' 'SWOOP' 'SWOOP' and then see four pointy arrows land in the seat of Connie's skirt 'PLIONK' 'PLOINK' PLOINK' 'PLOINK'

''OW!'' ''OW!'' ''OW!'' ''OW!'' howls Connie as she looks back over her right shoulder frantically wiggling her butt with the arrows imbedded in the seat of her skirt.

The camera switches to the four males who sheepishly put their bows back on the stand.Then the camera switches back to Connie,still howling ''OW! ''Girls,help'' as Connie is still frantically wiggling her butt.

The other three girls come to assist in pulling the arrows out of Connie's butt.''Hold still'', says Janis as she pulls an arrow out while Paula and Dany hold Connie.
'FWITT!' ''OUTCH!'' howls Connie 'FWITT' ''OWTCH!'' 'FWITT' ''YOWTCH!'' 'FWITT!' ''EEYOWTCH!''

After the last arrow is pulled from her butt,Connie says ''OOH!'' and rubs her bottom with both hands as Janis walks to the car and says ''Let's go,girls.''

''OOH!'' says Connie again as she realizes she has to sit in the car for hundreds of miles with a very sore fanny!

Janis is in the driver's seat and Dany in the front passenger seat.Paula gets in the left rear passenger seat and Connie,the last one in,sits slowly in the left rear passenger seat with a grimace.

The car starts and goes over some bumps,causing Connie to grimace and say ''OUCH'' ''OUCH'' as the other three women grin at her predicament as the scene fades.

The next scene we see the girls' car getting help up a small hill by a truck pushing them.

The girls wave and thank the man in the truck as now the road goes downhill as the car keeps going faster as Janis gets worried saying ''The brakes aren't working''.

The car starts speeding downhill and a police car starts chasing them with its' siren on.Janis quickly takes a side road to avoid the police and the car skids thru a farm and stops when in the middle of a small pond.

A middle aged French farmer comes out and folds his arms and looks sternly at the girls in the car as the scene fades.

The next scene the girls are in the field as Dany says ''The farmer wants us to do some work on the farm for the damage we did with the car''.

The girls have a change of clothing as they go to work.

Connie is wearing a white top and a light black dress,Paula a light orange top and a dark gray dress,Dany a green top and a yellow dress and Janis a black top and a white dress.

The girls try their best to do their chores,but,of course they are very accident prone.

Paula attempts to hit a nail on a fence with a hammer and hits her hand instead 'Ouch!'' yells Paula as she grimaces and shakes her hand.

Then Janis asks Dany to hold the barbed wire as she crawls under it.The wire starts hurting Dany's hand as she says 'Ouch!'' and let's it go and the barbed wire lands right in the seat of Janis' skirt 'SNAP' ''AIEEE!'' howls Janis as she stands up,grimacing and rubs the seat of her skirt while her lips form a perfect o.

A few yards away Connie uses a pitchfork and moves a bail of hay,only to have it fall on top of her and as she drops the pitchfork to the side,the bail of hay completely covers her as she says 'Oooh!''

The other three women come over to where Connie was and Paula asks ''Where's Connie?'' ''She was here a second ago'', says Janis,''She probably went into the house''.''Look'', replies a frightened looking Dany as she sees the bail of hay moving ''.

Then Dany,seeing the pitchfork,picks it up and jabs the pitchfork into the hay 'POINK' 'YOWWW!'' howls Connie as she jumps up and rubs her butt with both hands.

''Oh,there you are,Connie'' says Paula with a grin as a grimacing Connie says ''OOH!'' and rubs her bottom with both hands as the scene fades.

The next scene the girls are working in the field as the farmer calls them into the house to eat.The girls are hungry and enjoy their meal and the scene fades.

The next scene the farmer is working on the car as Connie and Paula have changed into tight blue jeans and are helping him.Janis and Dany are still wearing their dresses as the farmer says something in French and hands a can of gasoline to Dany.

The good farmer says the car is fixed and ready to go'' announces Dany with a smile.

''I'm not leaving until we fix this fender'' says a stubborn Connie.''Ok,''says Paula,gently tapping the fender with a hammer.''Give me that hammer,'' demands Connie.Paula nervously drops the hammer on Connie's left foot.''OUCH!'' yells Connie and she promptly kicks Paula in the seat of her jeans with her right foot 'PTAF!' 'OWW!'' yells Paula as she rubs her butt.

''I'll use the hammer and you weld the fender'' says a smug Connie.

As Paula picks up the blowtorch Connie backs into Dany,who is carrying the gasoline over her shoulder.The bump causes Dany to pour some of the gasoline out and it lands on the seat of Connie's blue jeans,covering her whole butt.Just then Paula,right behind Connie,turns on the blowtorch full blast and sets the whole seat of Connie's pants on fire!

'WHOOSH' ''EEYOWWWWWWWW!'' howls Connie as the blowtorch set to the gasoline on the seat of Connie's pants cause the fire to rise about 10 feet high behind her.

'CRACKLE' 'CRACKLE' ''YOWWWWW!'' howls Connie as she runs toward the porch as her butt is blazing.Luckily there is a huge bucket of water and Connie dunks her bottom into it.

'FWISH' ''AHHH!'' sighs a relieved Connie as she is dunking her bottom up and down in the water as she starts smiling.

Connie is still sitting in the water as the farmer and the other three women look at Connie and fold their arms as the scene fades.

The next scene the girls are in the car heading for the coast of Spain as they sees a sign that says 'Pamplona Running Of The Bulls Today' 1 mile.

''Oh,boy,'' replies an excited Connie,''I've always wanted to see the 'Running Of The Bulls.'' 

''I don't know'', says a concerned Janis.'' ''Yeah,Connie'', replies Paula,'You are very accident prone.'' And you three aren't accident prone?'' questions Connie.

Ok'', says Janis,''We'll stop and watch 'The Running Of The Bulls' ''.

 Dany Robin,Connie,Paula Prentiss,Janis Paige by slr1238
 ''Yay,'' says an excited Connie.''I'm so excited we are going to watch 'The Running Of The Bulls'.You girls just don't get the point.What could possibly happen?''

The girls get out of their car,wearing a change of clothes.Janis is wearing a light yellow top and a tight white skirt,Dany a light gray top and tight dark green skirt,Paula a dark green top and a tight light aqua skirt and Connie is wearing a pink top,a blue hat,blue high heels and a tight bright pink skirt.

The four women are watching the 'Running Of The Bulls' behind a fence as people are running and the bulls are charging very fast.

Connie is very excited,but all of a sudden a huge gust of wind blows her hat off thru the fence and on the track.

Connie quickly runs thru the small opening in the fence after her hat.

''Connie'', yells Janis as she notices her on the track.''Get out of there.It's dangerous.''

''My hat'',replies a stubborn Connie.All three women yell for Connie to run.

Then Connie bends over to pick up her hat and a bull about 40 feet away sees her bright pink skirt as the camera zooms in on Connie's butt.

Connie picks her hat up and notices the bull behind her running.The bull keeps getting closer to Connie as we hear her high heels going 'CLUP' 'CLUP' 'CLUP'.

The camera shows a close-up of Connie's huge butt in her tight bright pink skirt,[showing some sexy panty lines],but that is the least of her worries now as the bull keeps getting closer.

''Hurry,Connie,'' yells Janis,''Climb over the fence''.

''OOH!'' says a worried Connie as the bull keeps getting closer.

Suddenly as Connie is near the fence the bull zooms in and gores her right in the center of her butt!

'POINK' Then we see a close-up of Connie's face as her eyes widen and she howls ''YOWWWWWWWWWWW!'' as the scene fades.

The next scene we see a close-up Connie's face again howling ''YOWWWWWWW!'' in a doctor's office as she is bending over with her fists on her chin as the doctor is doing a delicate operation.

Janis,Dany and Paula see the wound behind Connie and they even grimace at the sight.

The doctor says something in Spanish.''What did he say?'' says a worried Connie.

''No one here knows Spanish,'' answers Dany,''But he is sewing up the wound''.

''El Doctor,'' says Connie,''Don't sew it up too much.'' 

Connie is grimacing and looking worried as the scene fades.

The next scene Janis,Dany and Paula get in the car and Connie follows holding an inflatable ring,dressed in a tight maroon skirt.Connie places the ring on the back seat on the right passenger side and grimaces as she slowly sits down,her lips forming a perfect o.

''Connie,'' says a grinning Paula,''You only have to sit for another 200 miles''.
''OOH!'' says a grimacing Connie.''Very funny''. as Paula,Dany and Janis grin at Connie's very sore predicament as the scene fades.

The next scene-The girls see a sign that says Coast Of Spain.''At last,we're her.''replies Janis.

Janis,Dany and Paula quickly get out of the car.Connie gets up very slowly and places her inflatable ring on the floor and gets out of the car,all the while she is rubbing the center of her butt with her right hand and grimacing.

Connie is still wearing a tight maroon skirt,a light blue top and sexy blue high heels.
Paula is wearing a light grey top and a tight light green skirt.
Dany is wearing a white top and a tight light blue skirt.
Janis is wearing a white top and a tight white skirt.

We see each women from behind,from left to right,Janis,Paula,Dany and Connie walk toward the ship in their tight skirts and a close-up of their wiggling butts.

The girls come to the ship all dressed so elegant,eager to see their men,only to see a sign that says 'Top Secret' 'No Entrance.' 

''Well,girls,'' replies Janis,''I guess we have to go back to the French Riviera and wait for our fellows.''

Janis,Paula and Dany put their heads down as Connie says ''I didn't come all this way to go back.We can sneak aboard.''

Connie and Janis Paige 'Follow The Boys' by slr1238

As soon as the girls sneak aboard they hear men's voices from behind them.''Who goes there.?''

They just happen to be the four men the girls came all of this way to see.

Paula's husband,Dany's boyfriend,Janis' husband and Connie's husband Billy.Everyone is hugging each other,but the moment is short-lived as the Captain arrives.

''Teach these female stowaways a lesson.You officers know the procedure.''

The Captain leaves as Janis' husband Jack says to the girls ''Sorry,girls,but we have to follow orders.Ladies Atten-Hut''

The girls are stunned as they stand at attention.The men pick up their bayonettes and Jack says to the girls-'Forward-Hut' ''.

The four women start marching down the hall as the men use the bayonettes and poke the girls in their butts.'POINK' 'POINK' 'POINK' 'POINK' ''OUCH!'' ''OUCH!'' ''OUCH!'' ''OUCH!'' howl the girls as we see from left to right Janis,Paula,Dany and Connie getting their butts poked with the point of the bayonettes until they finally come to the boiler room.

Then the camera shows the girls from behind as they are grimacing and rubbing their butts with both hands.

''Just one thing I want to ask,'' replies Janis,''Where is the Top Secret Weapon?''

''That's confidential'', answers her husband Jack.

''That's what we thought'', says a grimacing Connie.

''Ok,ladies,'' orders Jack,''Pick up those shovels and shovel some coal into that boiler!'' ''On the Double,ladies''.

The girls look at Jack with their arms folded as Jack starts walking toward them.The women then quickly pick up the shovels and get to work as Jack joins the other three men in the hall.All three men are grinning.

The girls are shoveling coal for a few minutes as the boiler gets heated and the girls are getting tired as the four officers come into the room.

''Ladies'', says Jack,''About face.'' The girls drop their shovels and turn around with their backs to the boiler furnace.Just then we see the boiler erupt and shoot out steam that heatens the seat of each women's skirt-from left to right-Janis,Paula Dany and Connie-'WHOOSH' 'WHOOSH' 'WHOOSH' 'WHOOSH' ''YOWWW!'' ''YOWWW!'' ''YOWWW! ''YOWWW!'' as the girls are escorted out by the officers,wiggling their steaming bottoms.

Now out in the hallway the girls are grimacing and rubbing their bottoms with both hands as the men are grinning.

''I hope you girls are learning a good lesson.'' replies Jack.''Yeah,Connie,'' says Billy.''If I know you,it was your idea to come aboard''.

''You know Connie very well.'' replies a nodding Janis.

''Ok,ladies,'' replies Jack.''You girls leave the ship and we will see you all tonight.''

''Wait a minute,'' says a startled Billy,looking at the blinking tower,''Look,there's been an accident in the laser room!''

''Everybody run,'' says a worried Jack,''That is the 'Secret Weapon',a red hot laser gun!''

Everyone starts running to the end of the ship as the men jump over a fence about four feet high.The men then pull the four women over the fence and just as we see the girls upturned butts from behind climbing the fence we see from left to right-Janis,Paula,Dany,and Connie get the seat of their skirts completely lasered off by the red hot laser beams

'ZAP!' 'ZAP!' 'ZAP!' 'ZAP!' 

Then we see a close-up of the women's faces. as they howl


The camera switches to the tower as the problem is fixed.Then the camera switches back as we see the girls' butts are also fixed,but good,as we see a close-up of the seat of their huge upturned jiggling butts covered only by sexy full cut smoked panties as the women are still howling!

From left to right we see

Janis-jiggling her butt in her light green full cut panties
Paula-jiggling her butt in her gray full cut panties
Dany-jiggling her butt in her white full cut panties
Connie-jiggling her butt in her light blue full cut panties

Then the men come and stand behind the girls who still have their butts upturned in their full cut panties.
''Did you girls learn a lesson?'' asks Jack.All the women nod their heads yes.
The camera again shows from left to right Janis,Paula,Dany and Connie's upturned butts.
Then the camera stops with a close-up of Connie's huge upturned butt in her sexy snug full cut light blue panties as she looks back over her right shoulder and says ''OOH!'' and grimaces while her lips form a perfect o as 'THE END' in fiery letters comes across the seat of Connie's panties.

Paula,Dany,Connie and Janis by slr1238

Connie Dany Janis Paula by slr1238

Janis Paula Connie Dany 'Follow The Boys' by slr1238








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