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Connie,Annette and Suzanne in the Wacs.A female hot buns parody based on 2 Three Stooges short films.

7 beautiful actresses in hot buns scenes.

Connie Francis Glamour Photo by slr1238

Annette beautiful 1964 by slr1238

Suzanne Pleshette 1964 by slr1238

 JULIE ADAMS as Sergeant Julie
Julie Adams beauty by slr1238

With desk Wac JILL COREY

Jill Corey phone by slr1238

and villainesses
Hope Lange pretty by slr1238
                                     HOPE LANGE

Barbara Eden funny by slr1238
                  BARBARA EDEN

The opening scene-
We see the outside of a building that says 'Join The Wacs' and then we zoom inside and see Connie,Annette and Suzanne in their cute wac uniforms,navy blue skirts and cute hats.

''Oh boy'', says Annette,''5 more minutes and we are free''.''Yep'', replies Suzanne,''We will be out of the wacs for good''. ''Yeah'', beams Connie,''And that huge rear Sergeant Julie won't be pushing us around anymore!''

Jut then Sergeant Julie,dressed in a navy blue skirt and hat,is in front of the girls staring at them with a mean look on her face.''Ah!'' say Connie,Annette and Suzanne simultaneously as they run and knock Julie down right on her butt! 'PLOMP' '''OUCH!'' yells Julie,seated on the floor.
Julie stands up and rubs her backside with her right hand and changes her look and smiles and says to the girls.''There is still a minute left.Let me show you girls to the door''.

Connie,Annette and Suzanne reluctantly agree as a mischevious looking Julie shows them to the door and says to the girls ''No hard feelings.'' As the girls are about to leave Julie adds ''Watch your step,girls''.

Connie,Annette and Suzanne lean forward to look at the steps as the girls fall for Julie's lie as she gives each girl a swift kick in the rear as they go flying out the door-from left to right she kicks Suzanne in the butt,then kicks Connie in the butt,and finally she kicks Annette in the butt 'PTFAF!' 'PTFAF!' 'PTAF!' ''OUCH!'' ''OUCH!'' ''OUCH!''

Now the girls are standing on the sidewalk as the door closes.''We'll get back at her someday,'' replies Connie as all there girls are grimacing and rubbing their behinds with both hands.

''Now that we're not in the Wacs anymore,we need to find a job'',replies Suzanne.
''Girls,look'', says an excited Annette,''A fish truck for sale.Maybe we can buy the truck and sell fish''. ''Oh,yeah,'' a sarcastic Connie says to Annette,''The owner of that fish truck is going to walk up to us and ask us to buy his truck!''

Suddenly a man comes over to the girls and asks them ''Would you girls be interested in buying a cheap fish truck?'' ''How much'', asks a beaming 'I told you so' Annette,who is looking at Connie.''Ten dollars'', says the man.''Sold,'' says Connie,quickly as she hands the man his money as the scene fades.

The next scene the girls look really cute,wearing light blue tops and tight blue jeans.The truck is parked on a small street as Annette and Suzanne are watching for customers as Connie starts re-arranging the truck.Connie bends over with her head in the back of the truck and her butt upturned when a middle aged woman in high heels asks if they have any codfish.

''Connie,''asks Annette ''Do we have any codfish?'' ''Let me look'', answers Connie.
While Cnnie is searching the woman folds her arms and is getting impatient.
Annette sees this and says ''Connie?'' Connie looks back over her right shoulder at Annette and says 'Shut up!'' The woman thinks Connie said it to her and gets a mad look on her face and gives Connie's huge upturned butt a really swift kick 'PTAF!!!'
''OUCH!!!'' yells Connie as she stands up and grimaces and rubs the seat of her blue jeans with both hands as the woman walks away. 

''Why,you two airheads,'' complains Connie,''You just made us lose a customer!''.
Then Connie grabs Annette and Suzanne by their hair,but let's go when an elderly lady comes by and says 'Girls,do you have any catfish?''

The girls start singing Catfish,catfish,catfish''.Annette opens the back of the truck and three cats come out meowing.Annette looks in the truck and says ''No catfish today.

Then Annette says ''We have a skeleton fish!'' The lady says 'No'' and walks away as Annette put the skeleton fish on the back bumper of the truck.Then Amnnette is is deep thought and says ''Girls,what if we buy our own boat and catch our own fish,then we can elinminate the middle man!''

''Good thinking,''says Suzanne as Connie nods,''But where are we going to find a boat.''

'Hmm'', replies Connie,''I'm the brains of thes outfit,so let me think as she walks and stands in front of the skeleton fish.The camera shows the fish is long as has several sharp points to it and as Connie is about to sit down right on the skeleton fish says 'Now the point is''
'POINK' 'POINK' 'POINK' 'POINK' ''OW!''''OW!'' ''OW!'' ''OW!'' howls Connie ''Something bit me!''
Connie quickly stands up and turns around and there is a skeleton fish embedded vertically in her right butt cheek.
Annette and Suzanne quickly grab Connie and start to pick the sharp points of the skeleton fish out of the seat of Connie's blue jeans.
'PHLUMP' ''OUCH'' howls Connie as her big butt jiggles in her tight blue jeans.
'PHLUMP' ''OUCH!'' Then Annette pulls out a Sharp point of the fish and says he loves me 'PHLUMP' ''OUCH" howls Connie again while looking back.Then Suzanne,while pulling out a pointy part of the fish says 'He loves me not''. 'PHLUMP' ''OUCH!'' Annette's turn ''He loves me.'' 'PHLUMP' ''OUCH!'' howls Connie again.Now Suzanne's turn ''He Loves me not.'' Annette is insistant as she says ''He loves me!'' as she pulls out another sharp point of the fish from the seat of Connie's blue jeans,her huge butt jiggling as Connie looks back over her right shoulder as the scene fades. 

The next scene the girls see a boat for sale and ask the owner,who is a middle aged guy,if they can buy the boat.''Make me an offer,''says the man.
''We only have $300 dollars'',replies Connie,holding the money.''I'll take it'', says the man,quickly snatching the money from Connie's hand and just as quickly he walks away.

The girls look at the boat as Connie says ''It looks like we have to do a few minor repairs,girls'', as she rubs her hands together triumphantly as the scene fades.

The girls are looking stunning after buying some new clothes as they return to the boat.They are still wearing tight blue jeans but they now have dark blue tops with cute white navy hats.

''Be back in a second'', says Suzanne as Connie and Annette look startled.
Suzanne returns with three plastic glasses and says ''Lemonade.A toast to us and our new boat''.

All three girls are smiling as we see a bee buzzing as Annette pushes it away,only to go behind Suzanne and 'BZZZ' The bee stings Annette in the seat of her blue jeans,right in the center. 'BZZZ' ''YOWW!'' howls Annette as she accidentally tosses the water into Connie's face.'SPLASH!' ''Ooh!'' says Connie as she recovers from the splash as Suzanne is rubbing the center of the seat of her pants.

'I'm sorry,Connie'', replies Suzanne,''It was an accident.''
''Think nothing of it'', replies a pretending Connie to Suzanne.''It's all right.Accidents happen.Say,the back of your shirt needs fixed''. ''Oh,it does?'' replies Suzanne,believing her.''Yeah'', answers Connie as she is behind Suzanne and quickly pulls on the back of her pants and drops a load of ice down the back of Suzanne's pants!
''WOO HOO HOO!'' yells Suzanne as she seems to do a new type of dance while her lips form a perfect o.
The ice wears off as Connie says to the other two girls ''Let's stop this clowning and get to work!''.

Annette is on the left,Connie in the middle and Suzanne on the right as Annette and Suzanne simultaneously pick up two huge boards just as Connie turns around and bends over with her huge butt upturned and saying 'I'm the only one who uses their brain around here!'',as 'WHACK' 'WHACK' ''OUCH!!'' yells Connie as Annette's board whacks the left side of Connie's butt and Suzanne's board whacks the right side of Connie's butt.

The girls pick Connie up as rubs her butt with both hands and asks them ''What happened?'' ''You used your brain'', answers Suzanne.

'I'll use this hammer on you two!'' yells Connie,losing her temper as she tosses the hammer and the other two girls duck as the hammer makes a big hole in the side of the boat.

Now see what you've done!'' Suzanne says to Connie.''Don't worry'', says an apologizing Connie,nodding her head.''It was my fault,so i'll fix it.Can you two bring that large barrel of nails over here?''

Annette and Suzanne drag the barrel of nails by the boat as as Suzann steps on Connie's feet really hard.Annette is standing in front of the barrel as Suzanne now has her back to Connie with her butt upturned right in Connie's view.Connie again loses her temper and gives Suzann a swift kick in the seat of her pants 'PTAF!' ''OUCH!'' yells Suzanne as the force of the kick knocks Annette butt first right into the barrel of nails 'KRENCH' ''OWWWW! howls a grimacing Annette,her lips forming a perfect o
''A Tiger's got me!'' yells Annette as Suzanne and Connie quickly pull her out of the barrel.Annette turns around and there are about 8 white long pointy nails emebedded in the seat of Annette's blue jeans,her butt jiggling as she looks back grimacing.

Connie gets a hammer and sits on a stool and pulls Annette over her lap and says to Suzanne,''You hold her while pull the nails out.''
Suzanne holds Annette from the front as Connie uses the flat end of the hammer and yanks a nail out of Annette's huge upturned butt 'KRENCH' ''OWWW!'' howls Annette as her butt jiggles from the extraction 'KRNCH' ''YOWWW!'' as Connie pulls another nail out 'KRENCH' ''EEYOWWW!'' 'KRENCH' 'YOWWW!''
''Ok'', says Connie,'Get up.'' ''You left some in!'' says an angry Annette to Connie as Connie then uses the hammer and 'POUND' she whacks the seat of Annette's pants and we hear the sound of a nail as Connie says to Annette ''You need some iron!'' as Annette reluctantly walks away back to work.

Then Connie climbs into the boat and is setting up to fix the huge hole that she caused by losing her temper and tossing the hammer.

''Girls'', replies a joyful Connie,''As soon as we fix this huge hole we can try the motor!''

Connie starts getting set up to fix the hole in the side of the boat aand she backs up and sits right in the hole which is a perfect fit for her huge butt.

A few minutes later,Suzanne says ''It's getting dark and hard to see''.''And look'', replies Annette,looking at the seat of Connie's blue jeans,thinking it is part of the boat,replies ''Connie made a big lump in the boat.Let's fix it.''

''Ok'', replies Suzanne,You nail it and i'll weld it''.
Annette starts hammering nails into the seat of Connie's pants and Suzanne quickly use the blow torch 'POUND' POUND' 'WHOOSH' ''EEYOWWWWW!'' howls Connie as we see he jump up in the boat rubbing her butt with both hands and grimacing as Annette and Suzanne run and a wide-eyed Connie rubs her butt with both hands as her lips form a perfect o as she says 'OOH!'' as the scene fades.

The next scene the girls are looking very pretty,still wearing their blue tops,tight blue jeans and cute little navy hats as Annette and Suzanne are in the boat and Connie is outside of the boat,near the propeller.

Connie bends over to fix something as her butt is very close to the propeller just as Annette says to Suzanne,''Let's turn the motor on!''
Annette turns on the switch and we hear a 'RMM!' and we hear a 'BUZZ!' and we see in front of Connie as she is still bending over as the propeller is slicing off the seat of her blue jeans as we see blue shreds flying thru the aitr behind Connie as she howls 'YOWWW!''.

Annette and Suzanne see Connie's predicament and turn off the motor.Connie yells at them and starts running after them and we see the seat of Connie's pants completely gone and her jiggling huge butt covered only by cute sug full-cut white panties as Annette and Suzanne get out of the boat as Connie is about to grab them when they hear a male's voice.

An embarrassed Connie turns around and tries to cover the hole in the seat of her pants with her cute little hat as we see the guy grinning at the sight.Then Connie turns around and faces the guy.He is the former owner and he says ''Good work,girls.You did a good job on the boat.I just came by to give you girls an adresss if you need a job.They are always looking for women''.He then walks away as the scene fades.

The next scene the girls are by their boat as Connie says ''Girls,this fish business is not working out for us.We better go to the place that's hiring''.

The girls look very pretty as they are still wearing their blue tops and tight blue jeans as they walk along the deserted sidewalk when,all of a sudden,who is walking toward them? It is Sergeant Julie!

Hello,Julie'' asks a sarcastic Connie,'Remember us?'' The girls surround Julie,who is wearing her Wac uniform and looking very cute and clean.''I am in a hurry!'' says a worried looking Julie,outnumbered 3 to 1.

Suddenly Annette pulls up Julie's skirt over her head as Suzanne looks behind her and says 'Nice panties,Sergeant!'' Julie is wearing snug full-cut yellow panties.Then Annette pulls a board with pointed nails on it and whacks Julie's panty clad butt with it three times.'WHACK' ''OUCH!'' 'WHACK' ''YOWTCH'' 'WHACK' ''EEYOW!'' as Julie then pulls down her skirt as Connie takes off her hat and when Julie bends over to pick the hat up,we see her huge upturned butt in her tight Wac blue skirt as Annette gives her a swift kick,right in the butt,which sends Julie forward into a mud puddle,ruining her Wac uniform.
Julie Adams beauty by slr1238

'I''ll get back at you three featherbrains,'' yells Julie as the girls walk away,laughing at her predicament.

The girls are walking for a few minutes as Connie looks at the paper and says ''Here is the building.We have to go to the 2nd floor''.

The girls arrive on the 2nd floor and they see a receptionist,wearing a tight blue skirt,sitting on the table talking into a telephone as she looks at the girls and says.''Three new recruits just walked in''.She then whispers ''They don't look very bright''.Connie hears her and pretends not to mind as the desk girl says 'My name is Jill.Can I help you girls?''
Jill Corey phone by slr1238

''Yes'', answers Connie, ''Can you hire the three of us?'' ''Yes'',I'll get the papers for you to sign'',answers a smug Jill as Connie doesn't like her attitude at all.
Jill walks away with a wiggle that is also smug as Connie says ''She has an attitude''.Just then Annette picks up a long tack attached to a small piece of wood on the table and picks it up,only to have Connie in her face.''Get rid of that''.Annette quickly listens to Connie as she clumsily throws the tack away,only to land right on Jill's chair.Suddenly Jill comes in,still with an attitude and says to the girls with a smug look on her face 'DSign here'',then she sits down right on the tack 'POINK' 'AIEEE!'' ''OW!'' ''WOOHOOHOO!'' ''I'm losing my mind!'' ''OW!''OW!'' Jill turns around,frantically wiggling her big,well rounded butt in her tight blue skirt.Connie pulls the tack out of Jill's left butt cheek 'FRUMPH' ''OUCH!'' and as Jill rubs her butt,Connie grins and lectures her by saying,''You should be more careful!'' 

Jill,however,gets the last laugh as the girls sign the papers as she says to them.''Welcome to the Wacs,girls''.The girls get a bewildered look on their face which turns to unbelief when a familiar person walks out.Sergeant Julie!

''Ah!'' say the girls simultaneously as they try to run out the door,only to open it and run into three tall male marines.The girls look at the marines chest as they are tall and then slowly raise their heads and see them grinning at them.

'Fellows'', says a grinning Julie,''Take these three girls to my office''.The three men use their right hands and lift the girls by the seat of their pants and carry them out the door as the girls are simultaneously yelling 'Aiee!'' as the scene fades.

The next scene the girls are out in the battlefield with Sergeant Julie.They are in their Wac uniforms with blue skirts.''You girls better not go too far,i don't like deserters at all''.The girls nod as Julie walks away.All of a sudden two Wacs tell Connie,Annette and Suzanne to fill a huge cannon with 'Laughing Gas' to make the enemy helpless.

The girls put the 'Lauging Gas' into the cannon,but accidentally push the cannon so that it points upward when they light it and it falls down right beside them,causing them to immediately start laughing.'Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha'' We hear Connie,Annette and Suzanne laughing as they are walking in a daze as a blonde enemy comes to take them away.

''Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha''. the girls are still laughing as they are led into the enemy's headquarters in front of a blonde officer wearing a long pointed german helmet on her head.The woman who led them in says to the girls ''You girls are prisoners of war.My name is Hope and this is superior Officer Barbara.Hope is wearing a tight grey skirt and Barbara is also wearing a tight gray skirt,armed with a bayonette and of course,the german helmet on her head.

The girls are still laughing from the 'Laughing Gas' as an annoyed Barbara stands up and says to them 'Quiet!''

Of course,the girls don't listen as Connie grabs Barbara' nose and baps it with her fist 'BRRP' and throws her german helmet acroos the room,which lands upright on the floor.Then Barbara pulls out her bayonette and aims it at Connie,who steps aside as Annette turns Hope around and the bayonette pokes Hope right in her big butt 'POINK' ''OWWW!'' yells Hope.Hope quickly retaliates by pushing the nearest person,which happens to be Barbara,across the room until she lands butt first right on the point of her own german helmet! 'POINK!' ''OWOWOW'' ''WOOHOOHOO!''
Barbara's lips form a perfect o as she is grimacing and howling as she stands up and we see the point of the german helmet imbedded into her left butt cheek.Barbara then jiggles her huge butt with the helmet still stuck in it and goes to the window and jumps out,howling as the girls are pointing and laughing at her!

The girls have won the battle as the 'Laughing Gas' has worn off.

Then all of a sudden Sergeant Julie walks in and sees the girls.''So,'' replies Julie,''You three are deserters''.

The girls shake their heads and simultaneously say 'No! ''We're not deserters!''

Then Julie pulls out a double-barreled shotgun and aims it at the girls and says ''I'll give you girls 3 seconds to start running back to our side.''Yipe'' say the girls simultaneously as they start running as Julie starts counting ''1,2, 'BOOM' 'BOOM' 'BOOM' ''OWWW!'' ''OWWW!'' ''OWWW!'' we see the girls from the front-left to right-Connie,Annette and Suzanne,wide-eyed and grimacing,running with white smoke trailing each of their behinds and then see a satisfied Julie watching as the girls run from the building howling.Then the camera switches behind the girls as each of them has had the seat of their Wac skirt completely blown off-left to right-Suzanne in her smoked full-cut gray panties,Annette in her smoked full-cut pink panties and Connie in her smoked full-cut purple panties as we see the girls jiggling their big panty clad butts and hear them howling ''OW!'' ''OW!'' ''OW!'' as 'The End' comes across the screen. 


United States


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